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Black Mold

Black mold is the focus of many who are dying or at least fighting for their life. My good friend has a 50-50 shot at surviving two years after a black mold infestation of his office suite. You see he was just diagnosed with tongue and throat cancer. Once the doctors are done with him he will have to eat through a tube. How's that for 50 years old?

Black mold is not the direct killer but it certainly is the smoking gun in my opinion. You see black mold infests your environment and begins to systematically and tirelessly break down your immune system. Did black mold cause the cancer directly? Probably not, but the black mold certainly played a part in his body's ability to ward off disease.

This site is dedicated to removing mold - any type of mold - because I believe this interference with the immune system plays a dominant role in societies health care problems. The black mold problem just keeps getting worse as new construction methods makes building more and more air tight. It they are air tight, then they are mold tight too. Black mold could be all around you and you won't know it until you're paying lots of doctor bills.

If you doubt black mold is a huge problem begin logging how many aspirin you take by date, time, and place. Begin logging the over the counter meds you take as well. Start noticing if you feel better away from certain places. Most of my readers figured out that they were infested with mold when they felt better having been away from home for a couple of days.

The same goes for work. If you think there could be a black mold problem then there may very well be. How many times are water leaks cleaned up but not stopped. I've been in hospitals that every time it rains the same rain buckets are placed in the same places to catch the leaks. If it is ignored over and over again you can expect mold may have a good chance of fouling the air.

My mission is to help you remove black mold from your home or where ever you may think you are being attacked. Remember it's after your immune system and that's what deserves your focus.

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