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 Black Mold

The effects of black mold on your quality of life are huge and expensive!

Simply put, black mold or any type of mold are absolutely detrimental to your health, your well being, and your economic status. Believe it or not black mold and all of the spore related "illnesses" represent huge income opportunities for the drug companies.

Black mold began affecting my family more than 20 years ago. My wife was very ill and her physicians could not isolate what was causing her various illnesses and symptoms.

After more than two full years of constant pursuit, she found a cure with a holistic physician and her use of ozone. The ozone treatments immediately removed what ailed my wife. She was better within one week! We had been struggling with all of her problems for over two years, but the "real" doctors could not solve the problem.

This was in the late 1980's and it did not even occur to me that the problem was black mold related. My wife's symptoms were coughing, sneezing, uncontrollable jerking of her head and fingers, excessive weight gain, headaches - nearly constant, and a variety of digestive issues.

Her white blood cell count was very high, she had two high risk pregnancies and in fact she was dropped by her first OB physician with one week left in her term! The medical risk was too high.

Fast forward the time to 2006. That is when I researched and wrote "How to Get Rid of Black Mold." I was writing the book to fill a need for mold problems. What happened was my eyes were finally opened. Mold was the root cause of my wife's full set of medical problems!

She and I traveled with our jobs extensively in the 80's. We stayed in motels, and when we were able we rented rooms from home owners. Most of the homes were old and could have potentially been the onset of her mold sensitivity.

In 1990 we moved to a 50 year old home on the river. Now I know why my wife got worse at this point, the entire house was damp and musty. The basement flooded a couple of times too and touring the basement I had found signs of continued water issues that were many years old. This was her extreme exposure.

My wife lost the function of her thyroid (hypothyroid) which caused her weight to sky rocket. The weight led to sleep apnea, the sleep apnea and weight problems have now led to diabetes. She was always tired and always complained of headaches. These headaches would have her lying down for days.

Black mold broke down her immune system. In fact her white blood cell count was so high that there was an issue where her own body might be trying to destroy itself. Black mold lowered her body's defenses and allowed other medical issues to take effect. The hypothyroid was one of them. This condition then just began the snow ball effect.

When writing the book, I finally realized what was happening to her. We live in a different house now and I have implemented four solutions that I describe in the book. In fact a couple of the solutions are pointed out in the free "Top 10 Mold / Mildew Solutions" report available at the top of this page.

So to try to frame the issue of Black Mold more clearly, the black mold in our environment began attacking my wife's immune system. While her immune system was so busy and worn out from fighting off the black mold, other diseases were able to sneak past her immune system's defenses; thereby, establishing themselves as the primary disease.

Doctors are looking for the root cause of your problems. They do not spend much time or give a lot of credence to the fact that your immune system is busy battling black mold. The doctors begin treating the symptom that makes sense to them, in our case it was the high white blood cell count and hypothyroid. But those two diseases were not the root causes, they WERE the symptoms of prolonged Black Mold exposure.

I have an entire file cabinet drawer full of my wife's medical bills from the late 80's and early 90's. Today I can fit her last five years of medical bills in one manilla file folder.

I eliminated black mold in my basement and then used one of my secrets to automatically eliminate black mold forever. My wife will have diabetes for the rest of her life. The first year or so she was able to take pills, but recently she began insulin shots.

If you or anyone you know has illnesses that do not make any sense. If they have frequent and constant headaches, debilitating headaches, then suspect mold. If they are tired all the time, complain of digestive irregularities, and so on - suspect black mold. Take action to eliminate mold from your living environment and you have a strong chance of improving the quality of life for your friends and family.

Your doctors are capable of creating a chain of cause and effect scenarios that can lead them back to black mold exposure; however, you must coach them. Tell them your story, tell them you suspect black mold and then let them lead the way to "discovering" your true affliction.

It is all covered in my report and "How to Get Rid of Black Mold". If you read it then the cost is less than a months supply of allergy pills and aspirin. It will help you. The steps to be taken to eliminate the possibility of black mold were constructed for North America and they will work for Europe too. I explain what to do, what to purchase, and in some instances how to build the systems that will save your quality of life, your pocket book, and possibly your life.

Do not allow yourself or anyone you know to get as sick as my wife. For a small amount of time and money, you will be able to eliminate one of the most diabolical killers in our world today. The simple, non-assuming Black Mold.

I had a customer who definitely had black mold symptoms write me a series of emails that are reprinted in the above "Top 10 Mold/Mildew Solutions" report. If those symptoms match yours then maybe you need to look further into getting rid of your mold problems.

It is my belief that you probably landed here because you have trouble with headaches. I happen to believe that many headaches, as much as 89%, are caused from black mold growth and exposure. But if you believe you don't have a black mold issue, then I recommend this cure for your headaches .

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