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Black Mold growth causes illnesses that doctors can not link to mold report reveals one true story.

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 Black Mold Growth!

Black mold in your walls, in your basement, or anywhere in and around your home. Learn how to stop it!

Black mold growth can happen anywhere to keep it in check take advantage of several strategies that keep black mold from growing. Are these strategies fool proof? Do these strategies gaurantee No Black Mold? Read on to find out more about black mold removal tips.

There's no such thing as a black mold growth free environment except for the most sophisticated clean room operations. These un-natural, man made environments use many techniques to clean the air and surfaces of all types of contamination. That's not going to happen in anyone's home, nor is anyone going to wear a space suit looking costume around the house to keep it sterile and keep black mold out. We want to just live and not worry about it.

Black mold can frequently be found in your basement. Do you have a bathroom, then you'll find black mold growing there. Do you cook in your kitchen, then you'll find black mold there. That's right, black mold is everywhere and you won't be able to completely destroy it. It has evolved into a very efficient fungus that can survive just about anything.

Your basement is an interesting place. It will stay at about 50° F just about all year long. That's because after you dig into the earth a couple of feet, you will get that temperature. So what does that have to do with anything? The temperature in your basement is perfect for black mold growth.

Black mold loves the dark because sun shine tends to kill it. So now your basement has two strikes against it - darkness and temperature which black mold likes.

Black mold loves your basement because it's usually damp. Because of the constant temperature in the basement and the changing temperatures outside and in your home, you automatically have warm air hitting a cool surface. What happens? Find out by pouring a glass of water, adding ice and sitting on the counter. After just a little bit of time, you have a wet glass and a ring of water. What happened? Condensation formed and made the surface of the glass wet. That's what happens in basements. You need to know more about how to get rid of black mold in your basement.

There is only one way to minimize the effect of this temperature problem and that is to use a de-humidifier. But that won't stop black mold growth.

Your bathroom is a great black mold incubator. Why? Because when you shower or bathe, you end up running hot water and the steam collects against the cool wall. Some of the steam begins to form droplets and then falls to the floor. Did you ever wonder why the corners of tiled bathrooms get so dirty? Some of it is black mold and some of it is dust. Either way, mold is quick to follow.

Just like the basement, the bathroom is almost impossible to keep dry enough to prevent black mold from growing. Don't give up though. Keep everything as dry as possible and go on with your life.

So, by now you must understand that the kitchen is a wet location too. The steam from boiling water, cooking, washing dishes and the coolness of the tile backsplash and so on. All of these combine to make a great black mold breeding ground.

What can be done? The simple solution is to use ventilation, exhaust fans, and so on to keep the area dry. Mold needs moisture to grow. Black mold growth eats a diet of nearly everything organic, so that's most things in your house. And remember that dust is about 90% human skin - organic. So dust is a food for mold, cardboard, paper, wood, etc. are all black mold needs to have pizza night!

What can be done to better protect yourself against mold? Although most of our homes are perfect for black mold to thrive either in them, on them, or within them (in the walls); there are techniques that stop mold from growing. They are used to sterilize the surgery area in hospitals. Some European hospitals utilize the techniques throughout their facilities. Even the military employs some of these techniques to protect against harmful airborne contamination.

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