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Attic Mold

Attic mold can be found right above where you live, sleep and play. The attic is an often overlooked area of the home and it can be one of the largest mold farms ever because it is often humid and moist. The insulation in the attic is also a fine breeding ground for mold and don't forget the drywall which lies below the insulation layer. The paper on the outside of drywall is molds gourmet meal!

Attic mold is probably impossible to completely eliminate but there are some techniques to keep it under control. First make sure your roof is in perfect condition. I know that's obvious but have you ever checked around the lower portions of the attic where the roof line is? That's where snow and ice can back up from clogged gutters and that's a potential water infiltration as the melt happens.

Other moisture sources are the older homes that vent the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry to the attic area. There's a lot of moisture coming up through those pipes. In bitter cold the moisture ices and falls on top of the insulation. By the way, insulation is a very dirty business and mold feeds on moist dirt!

So I guess just about everything about the attic makes it a perfect mold farm except one thing and that's the ventilation. If you have a good cross ventilation then you will keep the air moving and therefore the released mold spores will keep moving. Hopefully the spores will ride the ventilation wave right out of the attic and outside where it can find better things to do. Attic mold is very common so it would be wise to check things out once in a while.

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