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Allergy Symptoms to Mold

Allergy symptoms to mold usually involve sinus headache, migraines, respiratory distress, itchy eyes, nose and throat, plus the one symptom you can't feel - your immune system takes a beating. Often it's the symptoms you don't feel that become dangerous.

I'm not overexaggerating. Mold will keep your immune system busy twenty four hours per day. After a prolonged period of time your immune system will break down. You'll get sick from all kinds of other problems, but nothing will be pointing to mold. So you need to figure out if you have allergy symptoms to mold in order to discover whether you should be taking far more drastic action.

The problem is that mold will make your nose run, your eyes will be itchy and watery, your throat could get sore and so on as all upper respiratory problems work out. They are all connected. Other allergy symptoms to mold include confusion, anxiety, shortness of breath, odors (especially when damp), rash, skin irritation, and even swollen tongue. It all depends on how much exposure you have had. I met one reader who had short term memory loss, patches of physician identified mold growing on the skin, and hair falling out! Her allergy symptoms to mold were destroying her health.

I discuss several scenarios on allergy symptoms to mold in my eBook, "How to Get Rid of Black Mold", which is available through this site. I also discuss how to remove your mold problem depending on what the specific problem seems to be.

You probably are having some allergy symptoms to mold and that's how you found this information. I suggest taking a look around this site to see if your problem is discussed and see if you can solve it on your own. The doctor's will rarely diagnose allergy symptoms to mold but if you are having trouble, then take action yourself. Here's some clues as to whether there is a problem within your home: house mold symptoms.

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