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Allergies to Mold

Allergies to mold make it very difficult to live without constantly taking some kind of antihistamine which of course can lead to many side effects. Take it from me living from pill to pill also tends to require more of them as time goes on. My allergies to mold couldn't be tamed last year. I tried six different over-the-counter medicines and the best one only worked for about an hour and a half because my allergies to mold were so bad..

Allergies to mold include runny nose and sinus headaches. Many people react the same but I would put out there that there are many different variants to the allergy symptoms. My eyes will itch sometimes and I'll be tired too. Allergies to mold lead to other not so polite issues to talk about here, but it leads to more problems until the pills begin to work.

Because of my allergies to mold I have made a conscious effort over the last two years to try to decrease my dependence on medicine to see if my immune system could learn to handle it alone. I'm keeping a close eye on it this year to see what happens. My allergies to mold have been around since my early teens and some years are worse than others, which is how it affects most people.

My readers usually are looking for a way to elleviate their allergies to mold when they reach this page and what you need to do is lower the mold count within your home. If your home isn't growing what I call a mold farm (massive amounts of problematic mold), then you will have to rely on air conditioning and some sort of air filtering system. I have used different types of air filters but - for me - they don't seem to help much. Everyone reacts differently.

I find myself trying to stay out of air currents within the house. I try not to be directly hit by the furnace / air conitioner air, I stay out of the room as much as possible when there is a fan being used, and I like to keep the windows and doors shut. However, my family is the opposite and I always seem to get hit with a fan or the windows open increasing my allergies to mold. I think that my reaction to air flow is more subconscious than a thoughtful process which leads me to believe it could be connected to my allergies to mold.

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If your home is growing mold then you will need to find it, cut off its moisture source, isolate it, and remove it in order to limit your exposure. If there is a part of the house that really makes your allergies to mold get worse, then I would start my investigation there or wherever the air source could be. What I mean is maybe the room has a vent or something that is bringing the mold laden air to you. 

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