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About Black Mold

The biggest problem about black mold is that it can be very toxic, causing a multitude of health problems and it could also be bad enough to kill you. How does black mold get so bad? Well, it lurks within your home largely undetected and slowly degrades your immune system. Then suddenly you are blind-sided by a devastating illness.

The fuss about black mold is that doctors don't know that black mold is causing your problems. They diagnose a disease, then treat the disease and black mold wins again because it has destroyed your life. Insurance companies are AFRAID to admit black mold is a problem because in many cases they would be paying for your health problems. The legal beagals are afraid to confront black mold for fear of liability. (Actually the legal profession would welcome it because it would line the walls of their McMasions).

What you need to know about black mold is to get rid of it and you're on the right site for that information. Through 100+ pages, I speak time and time again of how to get rid of black mold. First find out where the mold is located. You may have to search all over and then you may still be stumped. It could be within your walls and ceilings which means you'll need to do a little demolition if that's the case.

Once you find the black mold it's time to implement your biggest and most successful strategy for eliminating it - cut off the moisture. This could be water backing up, a leaking roof, leaks in the bath, vents leading into the attic and not exhausted outside, it could even be condensation from your water pipes. Once the water is cut off the mold will go into hybernation. It becomes dormant like your grass in the winter. But it's still there.

The hardest thing about black mold . . .

is how to remove it safely so you're not in the doctor's office the next day or the emergency room right away. That's what my eBook, "
How to Get Rid of Black Mold", is all about. I even have a trade secret that will automatically kill mold twenty-four by seven! But that's only given in the book.

Knowing more about black mold will not only keep you healthy, it will keep you wealthy too! Imagine thousands of dollars in medical expenses being avoided just with a little information. So sleep well tonight and bookmark this site so you can refer to it.

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